Matthews Landmarks
Historic Landmarks Commission

1.   HLC recommends properties for historic landmark designation by Matthews Town Board.

2.  HLC must determine that the property has special  historic signficance.

3.  The Matthews Town Board approves or disapproves the HLC's recommendation.

4.  The HLC must approve all meterial alterations to historic landmarks through issuance of Certificates of Appropriateness.

5.  The HLC cannot deny approval for demolition for may delay the demolition for up to 365 days.

6.  The Town of Matthews may excercise acquire historic landmarks through eminent domain for properties that are scheduled for demolition.  

7.  The HLC may negotiate with the owner to acquire the fee simple or any lesser included interest in a historic landmark.

8.  The HLC may purchase and sell a historic landmark and place preservation covenants in the deed to assure preservation in perpetuity.

Dr. Dan L. Morrill
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R. J. Reynolds High School - 1956
Wake Forest University - 1960 (B.A.)
Emory University -  1961 (M.A.)
Emory University - 1966  (Ph.D.)
Professor Emeritus of History UNCC
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                  Historic Landmarks