Myers Park Shopping Center

The property is divided into two sections in terms of ownership

703 Providence Road

Owner:   Miller Development Group
                122 Cherokee Road
                Charlotte, N.C. 28207

707 Providence Road

Owner:   Florida M&S Shopping Centers, Inc.
                122 15th Street, Suite U
                 Del Mar, Ca. 92014 

Photograph Above Taken August 1931, Below Taken January 14, 2018

The Myers Park Shopping Center was built by the Goode Realty Company in 1929.  It consisted of six store buildings.  It is the oldest commercial complex in Myers Park.  Further research will be required to determine the architect.

The 1920's was the first decade in which wealthy suburbanites were able to use the automobile routinely for daily transportation.  Theretofore, shoppers had had to walk or ride streetcars to retail stores and carry everything home.  By driving to the store, customers could  haul a larger number of items home in their cars.  The one drawback was to find a place to park.  It was this need that gave rise to the suburban shopping center.
703 Providence Road
707 Providence Road

Charlotte Observer August 30, 1929

1929 Sanborn Insurance Map, Vol 1, P. 409
Shows Buildings Were Not Yet Built.

Charlotte Observer, August 8, 1931

The other commercial district serving Myers Park was located at Kings Drive and E. Morehead Street.  None of these buildings survives.

Reid's Grocery Was Tenant For More Than Sixty Years.

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